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Bringing your imagination to life in photos.

Oxford County photographer Mark Garrett specializes in surreal digital art portraits. Mark takes portraits to the next level... or realm by transforming the ordinary into magically surreal artwork.

From an award-winning newspaper photographer and journalism graduate to a professional studio photographer, I have been creating beautiful pictures for nearly 20 years. My work has been published in newspapers across Canada and used as cover shots for local and national magazines. A pro at light and perspective, I strive to find that perfect angle or expression to  tell a story in your photographs. In the studio, I create a comfortable and fun experience for my clients, taking the necessary time to meet and exceed their expectations.

But it was after the death of my seven-year-old son that I developed my real passion for creating fantasy art portraits by maximizing my Photoshop skills. I learned to channel my brokenness, like a true artist, into my work. My pain fuelled my imagination to create what I was feeling –or wanted to feel or believe—into my photos. “Until We Meet Again” was the first – and most poignant – picture born out of my intense grief. Tiny details personalize this image, right down to the clock, which references my son’s exact time of death. This new creative energy developed into an entire collection of fantasy art using previous photographs I had taken of my children. 

These unique photo illustrations bring your imagination to life – your dreams and wishes appear like magic in these beautifully crafted images. Whether it's beautiful, scary or just plain different, I personalize each piece of art to my client.

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